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It’s an international competition and immersive, interactive multicultural programme that aims to develop the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), using different focused STEAM and video game coding workshops.

The objective of the program is to foster problem-solving skills, through promoting the development of observation and analysis skills to give an assertive opinion using appropriate argumentation tools, as well as encouraging creativity, lateral thinking and innovation for decision making. These are all competencies related to a STEAM methodology. Likewise, participants will learn the basics of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and the benefits and challenges that this scientific advance represents.

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About the program

The learning of this program will be done through the participation of students in various specialized workshops in each of the STEAM areas and in conferences on Artificial Intelligence. These workshops will be taught by experts in the area, and will be accompanied by practical and theoretical sessions for a better understanding of the concepts; likewise, there will be team integration sessions, where they will have time to combine and compare ideas with their colleagues, and thus make revisions of their final project.


Finally, students will be part of a competition in which they will present their project, consisting of the creation of a video game that proposes a solution to the problems established by the workshops, using the concepts learned in workshops and conferences.


The multicultural immersion aspect will be achieved through guided visits to various museums, places of cultural importance in the city where the competition will take place, as well as interaction and integration between the various teams participating in this program.

How do we do it?

To participate in OxfordED, groups of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students must be created. The selection of students is open, and there can be multiple teams per school.


1. PREVIOUS ACTIVITIES.             Duration : 20 hr



Asynchronous workshops (videos on demand) on basic concepts and programming vocabulary, necessary for a better use on campus. These workshops will be taught in English or Spanish depending on the modality of participation chosen. In the case of the English modality, students are assigned to groups according to the level of language proficiency that the diagnostic exam yields. In the case of the Spanish modality, students will be assigned to groups according to their age.

In addition to the videos on demand, participants must carry out assigned activities to reinforce learning and will have an optional weekly session to clarify doubts and questions, at two specific times to choose from.

In both modalities, English or Spanish, students will take a placement test on previous knowledge in programming languages, and the results will be the second parameter for their assignment to groups.


2. ON SITE  ACTIVITIES:      Duration: 30 hours


Workshops on topics of Introduction to programming, programming and coding languages and Artificial Intelligence taught by specialists in the field:

  • Workshop on scientific method and applications of AI in science (Duration 2 hr)

  • Theoretical and practical workshops on Scratch and Roblox programming languages (Duration 20 hr)

  • Workshops on Artificial Intelligence (Duration: 4 hr)

  • Basic drawing and illustration workshop (Duration 2 hr)

  • Practical activities to promote the development of logical-mathematical thinking (2 hr session)


During these workshops they will have the opportunity for theoretical and practical learning for the elaboration of the project that they will present as a team in the final competition. Participation in these workshops will continue to be in the same group to which they were assigned in the previous workshops, either by level of English or by age in the Spanish modality. Once these theoretical-practical workshops are finished, they will have time as a school team to develop their video game.


Categories A : 10 to 12 years     Modality: Spanish

Category B : 13 to 15  years       Modality: English (minimum  level required B1)

In addition to participating in workshops, students participating in the English modality will have the opportunity to certify their level of language proficiency with our instrument The Oxford TCC.

Benefits for the Teacher

The teachers in charge of the teams will participate in a Workshop on STEAM Methodology and its implementation process. In this workshop they will be able to learn useful tools and processes to take advantage of the benefits of implementing this educational model in their institution. At the end of the workshop they will receive a diploma of participation that helps to enrich their curriculum.

What does the program consist of?

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