The Oxford TCC

We have designed The Oxford Tutorial College Certificate (The Oxford TCC) to give English learners access to a certified qualification of achievement and participation in the English language, for them to discover their abilities in a second language.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is the guideline we use to assess the achievements of English language learners, as it is an internationally recognised standard.

Our e-learning platforms are virtual spaces designed to make the online teaching 
experience for educational institutions easier. We take advantage of technology and devices allowing the access, evolution and improvement of the quality of education and training.

The objective of LIT System is to provide a comprehensive solution for schools to 
digitalize their educational content in a fun and engaging way for their students.

LIT System: Software For Education

European Certification for Digital Teaching is the first certificate focused on digital education created and endorsed by Oxford Education. The certificate was specifically created for professionals in education to have a greater knowledge of their school environment and their students to create pedagogically effective digital solutions. We base virtual learning on the use of technology and innovation with digital tools. 

Take the edition you are most interested in: 

  • ECDT 1.0 Digital Teaching

  • ECDT 2.0 Gamification

  • ECDT 3.0 Blended learning


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